Aqua Book Adventure is Here!

Coop has returned home from Planet Gallus, but he still can’t find his missing family.

Back at the farm, he’s found another clue to his family’s whereabouts—a ticket to a cruise! With the help of his ever-loyal friend, Pork Chop, and his new buddy, Frankie, Coop sets out on his next adventure—this time, under the sea! Will he find his family? Or will there be trouble in the coral reef for Coop and the Squad? Join him on what’s sure to be an egg-cellent aqua adventure!

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Hear From Our Friends


My name is Haley, Snyder Intermediate PTO President. We loved Coop and all that the characters represented. Coop was not only fun but it encouraged our kids to think outside of themselves and spread love and kindness to not only their classmates but others outside their school walls ❤️ we love Coop and Friends!

-HaleySnyder Intermediate PTO President